Employing Wimbledon builders to manage your Project gets you Extra.

There are no real restrictions on who can manage the project and you have various avenues to get the job done.

Your architect or designer may be able to manage your project but as this isn't their primary function, you might pay more and not get the level of attention you require. You may even decide to do it yourself!

You want to save money but you do need someone competent holding the reins for the best chance of a successful project.

Wimbledon Builders has been delivering many projects to a very high standard

The benefit of this arrangement is that you get all the focus and expertise of a professional without having to pay extra.

  • You will have direct relationships with your builder and the associated cost savings,
  • Provide design advice and input.
  • Procure labour, materials and plant.
  • Manage labour, materials and plant.
  • Prepare and maintain the project schedule.
  • Complete cost forecasts and control costs.
  • Control quality and ensure design compliance.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and statutory requirements.
  • Collate relevant certification.
  • Keep financial records.
  • Ensure Health and Safety compliance.
  • Keep you informed.